Endtimes Prophecies to be completed in 2023 - but it's not the End of the World!

It's more of a NEW BEGINING!

It seems that all the now-outstanding prophecies about the Endtimes may be ready to be fulfilled within the next few years! Here are the prophecies which appear diverse but I believe will all soon be fulfilled in one grand interconnected finale!

Lets have a look at the various unfulfilled prophecies which appear to be connected to just one last event of the so-called END TIMES.

1. The expected return of Jesus to set up his Millennial Kingdom See new post about 144,000

2. The current Pope will shortly become the last one as predicted by Malachi

3. The identity of the 144,000 now looks obvious See new post today 144,000

4. The meaning of the Dragon (usually incorrectly identified as Satan, or the devil) being imprisoned in the bottomless pit for 1000 years now explained

5 The period of the Great Tribulation (which is currently in progress and which started at the beginning of the 70th week of Daniel's prophecy See new post about the144,000

7 The Holy People, who were delivered into the hands of the "Antichrist" for a period of 3.5 years" will be freed at this time because the Antichrist will have lost his powers or be dead. Estimated for June 2020

All these prophecies are now becoming obvious in current events when the SANCTUARY will be finally CLEANSED and a new epic script will begin.

See also the new post today about the144,000