REVELATION - Just Prophecies of Beasts and Dragons?

We know they don't exist but what do they mean? - Can we ever figure them out?


Of course we can - but any interpretations proposed before 1990 should be thrown away because none of the prophecies can be recognised until after they have been fulfilled and with one exception they have all happened after 1990!


Prophecies relating to the End Times are usually shown as "visions" and must of necessity contain images of modern inventions such as aircraft, cars, helicopters, skyscrapers and even, might one suggest, video screens and computers!

But where are these images to be found?

They are right there in front of our very eyes! It's just that we tend to accept, when a simple man from 2000 years ago says he sees a horse, that it is actually a horse he is seeing! We don't look into the vision carefully enough to try to work out what he is really seeing - even when he tells us a man gets into it and puts a helmet on - even when he says it then  "rises into the air" - we still think it's a HORSE!

Unless we are prepared to look at these prophecies carefully and with modern understanding we will never interpret what the ancient prophets were actually seeing. Even UFO's are a common sighting today and you should not be surprised to find these in some visions.

If you are someone who thinks religion and science should be strictly segregated, then I respectfully suggest that this website is not for you! But if you really want to understand prophecies in the Bible, bear with me and all will be revealed in due course - I promise!

I think Paul may have had in mind how we should be interpreting the Bible today when he said:

Corinthians 13.11

"When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things."

It is now time we tried to understand the Bible as adults! Take a look at a prophecy showing a vision of 4 "horses" to see exactly what I mean.

This one is from Zechariah in the Old Testament, written around 520 BC!  Click here to read it